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What's in a Name?

He called it a Divine Appointment. An uncle by marriage, he was the quintessential father figure. He sat me down one Spring day in March 2014 in Taylorsville, NC and asked me how I got my name, ‘Patch’. I was taken aback; I thought everyone knew the etymology of my name.


When is Patch's book being released?

I was strangely prepared for it. Something, invariably, always happens on and around my birthday.
My dog, Leika, was the first to die on my birthday. I don’t remember the year, but I was really young. Then mom in 1986, then lolo (my maternal grandpa) in 1988.



Ruach™ - What is it?

Ruach™ is an international, interdenominational scripture-inspired movement focused on breathing and motion. Each session is designed to improve mind-body-spirit connection by building on strength, stamina, flexibility, agility, focus and mindfulness. Ruach™ is created, researched and developed by Patch Wetzel and is the interwoven principles of yoga juxtaposed to scripture.


How do I read more of Patch's Ponderables?

Pardon our dust bunnies, we are still developing.

It ONLY took me 50 years of age, 31 career years and 19 life years for my little one to fly the coop… and a full month after his departure, we’re still not ready!


Kindness Matters

The true character and measure of kindness when you know someone intimately for all their faults, shortcomings, and sins; yet you STILL treat them with dignity, grace, respect, and love.


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