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John McCollum

Asia’s Hope

Sherron A. Stevens

Undercover Customer

Charmella Y. Smith

Women of Sovereignty

Dr. Marlene Carson

The Switch

Tiera R. Lowe 

Millionaire Mindset


John McCollum – Asia’s Hope

John McCollum is the Executive Director of Asia’s Hope. Founded in 2002, Asia’s Hope provides family-style, residential care for nearly 800 orphaned and abandoned children at its 32 homes in Cambodia, Thailand and India.


Sherron A. Stevens is a 21 one year old, self-published author and serial entrepreneur. As the child of a single mother, Sherron learned at an early age that hard work and determination could help him face obstacles that might otherwise be difficult to overcome.  At the age of 15, with only the help of his mother, Sherron launched his first business that provided lawn care to customers. He also began working at Chick-Fil-A during this time as a way to study customer service in action. By age 18, Sherron’s first book was published, “Undercover Customer: 100 Ways to Fix Your Broken Customer Service. When Sherron was 20, he had launched his next business venture, Columbus Auto Detailers, a mobile vehicle detailing service. Also during this time, Sherron was publishing his second book, “57 Tips for Single Moms,” that focused on how single mothers could raise successful children with limited resources. Today, Sherron is sought after by several business owners, universities, and corporate offices to share his story with their organizations. He loves to share his passion for people and his love for entrepreneurship with others. Sherron is currently working on his next project, set to launch in 2018, that will allow him to create a place for others to connect and inspire one another. Sherron believes that age and resources are only numbers and that success is possible for anyone that works hard enough to achieve it.


Sherron A. Stevens

Charmella Y. Smith

Charmella Y. Smith is an author, real estate expert and youth advocate.

She is also an educator; teaching classes to first-time home buyers to establish sustainable communities in Central Ohio .
As a service-oriented professional and youth advocate, Charmella cares deeply about issues impacting young women.
She was a teenage mother who is a survivor of physical and sexual abuse, and is someone who identifies her affiliation with Franklin County Children Services.

Charmella is determined to exhort, ignite, and inspire; her experience working with young women with no fool-proof plan for interdependence inspired her to establish a nonprofit foundation called Women of Sovereignty. The foundation hosts its annual community walk for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, in collaboration with National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

For more information about Women of Sovereignty, please visit


Dr. Marlene Carson

A railroad switch is a mechanism that enables railway trains to be guided from one track to another. For many who are enslaved in the world of human trafficking, the thought of getting their lives “back on track” is a fading dream. As with the slaves of old who had little knowledge of life off of the plantation, they relied on a network of complete strangers who would lead them to freedom. Victims to survivors s to modern-day slavery through human trafficking also need the help of fearless and compassionate abolitionists.

Founded by human trafficking survivor, Dr. Marlene Carson, The SWITCH National Anti-Trafficking Network was created to be a mechanism that empowers a new generation of underground railroad conductors. Together, we can become the solution to one of the greatest human rights challenges of our day, and set the victims on a new path to freedom, hope and restoration.


Since Tiera was a young adult her passion has simply always been to help others. She is a graduate of  Columbus State Community College with a degree in Business Management. She has also spent the majority of her adult life working in the field of finance. She is the creator of the Millionaire Mindset. She is currently working to develop a video series and workbook to change the dynamic of  the relationships people have with their own finances and to end poverty consciousness.

Tiera is a firm believer in self-awareness and self-help and reconstruction.  However she believes that God creates the path that is right for us, and that the reasons those paths sometimes become hard to follow is because they are leading us right back where we started which is with HIM!

She is not only here to talk about changing your mindset regarding your finances but your entire outlook on life!  “You create a life of abundance , by the words you speak everyday!”


Tiera R. Lowe


Gracehaven works with youth who have been involved in or are at a high risk for involvement in human trafficking. Gracehaven utilizes a comprehensive approach to combat human trafficking: prevention education, community collaboration, intervention training and survivor care and support.



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