How It Works

When looking into virtual assistant staffing; pricing, fees and a whole bunch of other things will be spinning through your head. The good news, however, is that the Virtual Staff Finder service is a simple one, regardless of whether you’re looking for several virtual executive assistants, or just one employee to help you with your everyday tasks.

Devised and set-up in a way that enables all parties involved to get to the point fast, utilizing the Virtual Staff Finder service is the quickest, easiest and most reliable way for entrepreneurs to find their virtual staff member(s) swiftly and set-up a professional virtual assistant program, with peace of mind.

Step 1 Sign-up

You decide its time to start making your life easier and more productive by getting a virtual executive assistant on board, and you hit the ‘Buy Now’ button to sign-up for the service – its a one-off investment in your new lifestyle. Congratulations! Following receiving your payment, our team will send you a simple Job Description document, where you will list down your virtual staffing requirements.

Step 3 Testing

Our experienced Sourcing Team immediately get to work on finding you the best candidates possible for your professional virtual assistant program. Once the sourcing team is happy with the choices they have made, it’s on to the next part of the process.

Step 5 Hiring

Spend as much time as you want quizzing and interviewing your three prospective staff members via Skype. Really utilize this part of the process to feel comfortable! Then, when you’ve made your selection and decide to hire your virtual executive assistant, you simply get them to work!

Step 2 Outsourcing

Along with finding the right virtual employee, this is a big part of what you’re paying for! Make the most of these videos, recorded exclusively for Virtual Staff Finder clients only, where Chris unleashes tips and tactics one after the other, to help get you ready to work productively with your new virtual staff member.

Step 4 Interview

This part of the Virtual Staff Finder process involves phone interviews and face-to-face interviews (when possible). All candidates will undergo online testing, background checks, as well as our final internal selection process, which has been tried and tested and has enabled the Live2Sell Group (Chris’ outsourcing company) to grow to over 200+ full-time employees. Through this we finish up with three hotshot candidates for you.

At this point you can grow your relationship with your virtual staff member, where they will help grow your business and make your life more productive, so you can spend more time on the things that matter the most. Whatever that may be.