Perspective Thinking

Things happen for a reason.

Good or Bad, it’s how you bounce back (resiliency) and use each moment for good, positivity, kindness, etc.

How you react is how you honor those who loved you into being; who played a part in making you who you are. How will you honor your positive influences?

How you treat others will distinguish you as that LIGHT on the hill; how the world will know whom it is you serve and honor.

BREATHE. He’s got YOU!

No judgment, no expectation, no competition, no comparison: Who you are is enough, Christ died for you. You are worthy.

“Grace covers you when you fall. Mercy picks you back up.”

“Grace is a love that has nothing to do with the one from whom it derived: God. It is a powerful, divine, and vital piece of our existence, and it is the only reason we are able to open our eyes each morning. God’s grace is more than a second chance; it’s a third, fourth and fifth… infinite! It’s a love that keeps on giving, regardless of our past.”

Grace changes everything.”