PatchWorks Ministries

Patch Wetzel is the Founder and President of PatchWorks Ministries based in Johnstown, Ohio, the primary sponsor of the Lasting Legacy Conference. Her vision is to share the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to others as part of the Great Commission with a focus on using the breath to connect to the soul through a new movement she’s developing called Ruach™

Have you met Patch? If so you know she draws people in like a magnet and is someone you instantly love. She’s a connector, a food connoisseur and speaks several languages. After leaving The Pampered Chef and watching her two boys graduate high school, it is her time to purse the direction God’s given her to help network with people, combat the hate that surrounds us, and help others by drawing people to Jesus Christ, the ultimate connection.

Bethel International United Methodist Church 

Bethel International United Methodist Church will celebrate its 175th year in the community.  We are a growing diverse family that embraces opportunities to worship and fellowship with those from different cultures, life experiences and stages of life.  Our worship services are in English, Korean and Nepalese and we celebrate our differences as we find ways to come together as Christ’s church to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

We are honored that PatchWorks Ministries has partnered with us to provide research and practical training grounds to develop Nephesh™ that we may bring this added dimension to the call to ministry so that all peoples can find and embrace their respective purposes for which we have been each called. We are proud to sponsor the first-ever Lasting Legacy Conference in Columbus, Ohio




104.9 The River

104.9 the River is a licensed radio station serving Columbus and all of Central Ohio. 104.9 the River is owned and operated by River Radio Ministries and is always striving to be Uplifting and Encouraging®.

The mission of 104.9 the River is to Encourage Connections and Share Jesus.

We are funded by our listener’s generous donations as well as selling advertising to local businesses. If you wish to make a donation, that would be greatly appreciated! You could drop a check in the mail, or, you may use a credit card with our secure server. (Checks should be made out to 104.9 the River). River Radio Ministries is recognized by the IRS as charitable under 501(c)(3) of the tax code. Therefore, all donations to the organization are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed under law. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs for employees contributions.



Gracehaven works with youth who have been involved in or are at a high risk for involvement in human trafficking. Gracehaven utilizes a comprehensive approach to combat human trafficking: prevention education, community collaboration, intervention training and survivor care and support.


The Switch

A railroad switch is a mechanism that enables railway trains to be guided from one track to another. For many who are enslaved in the world of human trafficking, the thought of getting their lives “back on track” is a fading dream. As with the slaves of old who had little knowledge of life off of the plantation, they relied on a network of complete strangers who would lead them to freedom. Victims to survivors s to modern-day slavery through human trafficking also need the help of fearless and compassionate abolitionists.

Founded by human trafficking survivor, Dr. Marlene Carson, The SWITCH National Anti-Trafficking Network was created to be a mechanism that empowers a new generation of underground railroad conductors. Together, we can become the solution to one of the greatest human rights challenges of our day, and set the victims on a new path to freedom, hope and restoration.


My Sweet Side

From the extreme challenges Matthew King has faced in life, one might expect bitterness to color his world view. In June 2000, King fell asleep while driving and was taken by Life Flight to OSU, endured surgeries, and has been fighting the aftermath of the injuries for over 16 years. In spite of battling the resulting pain every day, King has used this event as a springboard to pursuing life-enhancing, meaningful work. A department manager for Kroger, Matthew also has a creative outlet through his boutique catering company, “My Sweet Side,” designing custom cakes for joyous occasions like weddings and birthdays. A strong believer in contributing to his community, King makes sure those in need of basic life necessities are cared for. This combination of meaningful work and service balances his pain with positivity.

Desserts at the first-ever Lasting Legacy Conference graciously and generously provided by Patch’s dear friend and partner-in-crime, Matthew King!


Everett Christman, Chef Ev 

After being crushed by an 80,000-lb tractor trailer in August 2010; Everett Christman was told he’d never walk again at the age of 38. Fighting depression and seclusion, he sought solace and comfort in food and subsequently ballooned up the 367lbs in 2 years. With support and family, and using his talents as a chef, not only has be helped himself and countless others by learning and teaching healthy eating habits and an alternative lifestyle based on exercise. He gives special credit and gratitude to Adam Miller, the founder of MillerFit Family for getting and keeping him on the right track.

Food at the Lasting Legacy generously and graciously provided by Chef Ev.

Hot Spot Coffee House

Hot Spot Coffee House is a locally-owned, independent coffeehouse dedicated to serving the Johnstown community. We have created an atmosphere that is always warm and inviting for you to meet family and friends, do some reading, check your email, or simply relax.

We offer a variety of made-to-order specialty coffee beverages made from high quality products that can be served hot, iced, or even fr…ozen! We also carry bulk coffee and can accommodate you with coffee service for special events. Ask about booking our event space for a special party or meeting and have us cater with fresh fruit trays, sandwiches, great coffee and tea, and fresh baked goods of all kinds.

Stop by and give us a try! You’ll be glad you did.

Dr. Eileen Baesmann

With Angels Persist LLC, Dr. Eileen Baesmann promotes dignity and hope through positive and lasting social, economic & spiritual change by donating our profits within the community. It is a thrift store located in the heart of Johnstown, OH (112 E Coschocton Street) and serves multiple communities within the surrounding areas of central Ohio.

Store Hours are:

Tuesday – Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 10am-4pm

CLOSED Sunday and Monday

Dr. Eileen Kelly Baesmann is a 35-year veteran teacher of the Columbus City Schools. She received her EDU in 2009 after studying what the effects mentoring partnerships have on inner-city teachers. The results showed that by developing meaningful relationships, there is an increase in teacher satisfaction and retention.

Dr. Baesmann realized the importance of positive community involvement when her 11-year-old son was killed in a household accident. Family and friends stepped in to support the family in their grieving. Her faith in God is what Dr. Baesmann credits her continual positive outlook in life.

After retiring from the school system in 2013, Eileen spent one year researching area thrift and consignment stores. Her husband, Terry, encouraged her to fulfill her dreams of owning a non-profit thrift store in Johnstown, OH, where they live. After overcoming many obstacles, Angels Persist Thrift Store was opened on November 20, 2014, on the 17th anniversary of their son’s death.

Facebook: Angels Persist

John Hicks, Promero Consulting 

Promero Consulting, LLC was formed in 2010 to provide tax, accounting and consulting services to individuals and small businesses primarily in the Central Ohio area. Our owner, John Hicks, is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner with over 15 years experience providing tax, accounting and audit services in the Public Accounting, Retail and Telecommunication industries.

PatchWorks Ministries is proud to partner with John Hicks and Promero Consulting for the Ministries’ financial records.



Eric Hawn, Health Markets

Eric Hawn is a local agent for HealthMarkets Insurance Agency in Pataskala, Ohio. He can help clients choose insurance plans by making calls, comparing plan details and prices that help you find the insurance plan that best fits your needs. Best of all, its at no cost to you. His office handles all types of insurance which include:

Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Disability Insurance
Accident Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Cancer Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance
Wellness Program

Call him today at (614) 984-8010 and let him find the right insurance for you.